The Code Blue Campaign works to end impunity for sexual abuse by un personnel


For over three decades, allegations of sexual abuse have been levelled against UN personnel around the world. The UN has a zero tolerance policy in place, so why does impunity persist?

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the campaign

We launched the Code Blue Campaign in May 2015 to end impunity for sexual abuse by UN personnel. Read more about the campaign, the changes we're seeking and how we do our advocacy.

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media & news

Get the latest news, press releases and updates from the Code Blue Campaign on sexual abuse by UN personnel.

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key documents & resources

Find key documents related to UN sexual exploitation and abuse, such as UN documents, internal communications, academic resources and fact sheets.

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Code Blue: The latest

Must-read updates, statements and press releases from the Code Blue Campaign.


Spotlight on: unaids

Spotlight on the sexual assault and harassment scandal unfolding at UNAIDS. In this spotlight, find relevant internal documents, latest news and Code Blue’s statements and analysis.

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Read the latest news on the Code Blue Campaign and issues related to peacekeeper sexual exploitation and abuse.


A Proposal
for Change

The Code Blue Campaign's game-changing proposal to address sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeeping personnel.

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